The Lionakis Annual Town Hall Event brings all four offices from across California together to celebrate the closing of the year. Last week, Lionakis staff gathered for a virtual two-day year-end celebration via Zoom. Our annual Town Hall event, although not in person this year, was planned by our new Lionakis Social Committee who took the initiative to still ensure a fun event this year! Although not in person, there was still plenty of socializing among our peers, as well as fun team-building activities, market update presentations as well as the celebration of promotions and those who achieved licensure this year! With all of the new changes that 2020 has brought to us, Transformation was this year’s theme. The theme of transformation has meant something to each of our employees as we began to work-from-home in March and learned the ins-and-outs of our new routines. We also debuted our 2020 culture video, below, which shows some of the key highlights and moments of our staff and our firm in 2020.

Day One of Town Hall brought a lot of anticipation as many weren’t sure what to expect of a virtual event. Each employee was sent home with a fun box to open on Day One which was full of treats and snacks, Lionakis swag, and supplies for a few of the activities which also was a part of the anticipation build-up. Throughout the first day, we broke out into assigned breakout groups to play a few ice breaker games as well as complete an activity with Tangrams. Tangrams are various colored shapes which each of us cut out and worked to put into a transformative design by sticking to the theme of creating a building/structure, holiday, or miscellaneous design. These designs were then judged for a grand prize. All submissions were so creative that it made it difficult to judge and there were tie-breakers in each of the three categories! Check out all of the winners in the gallery below!

Day One then ended with a fun game that we all came back together to play called “Never Have I Ever” where each of us had a whiteboard and had to admit whether we were guilty or not of various scenarios including cooking fish in the microwave! It was a fun way to learn about each of our peers a little more.

Day Two included more informative market update presentations and fun breakout room team-building activities. The first activity was a scavenger hunt where each team member in the breakout room had to gather an item/items throughout their house (within a time limit), and which would then be scored. After all of the items were obtained, the team had to take a group picture holding up all their items and send in their total score to a judge.

The second activity was Team Trivia where each breakout room got to play an interactive game of Lionakis-themed trivia questions. Both of these activities took some major teamwork and resulted in each of the activity winners having perfect scores.

This year’s virtual Town Hall was truly a successful celebration. There was so much hard work and time that went into planning this virtual Lionakis tradition, and we are so appreciative and thankful for all the staff who helped make this virtual event so special!