In our third WELL Wednesday from our Sustainability Studio Series, we’re talking about Radiant Flooring.

The WELL Building Criteria, Radiant Thermal Comfort is intended to maximize the volume of a space, reduce dust transmission, improve ventilation control and increase thermal comfort by incorporating radiant heat and cooling systems into the building design. Sustainability coordinator, Elena Nansen shares that radiant heating systems are designed to affect mean radiant temperature, and thus the heat exchange with the people in the space, by supplying heat directly to the surrounding surfaces of the floors, walls and ceilings.

There is evidence that radiant systems have the potential to provide better comfort than conventional air systems, along with fewer local discomfort complaints such as in areas under desks, where feet often become cold. The use of radiant healing and cooling also reduces the number of allergens circulating in the air because it does not use forced air to distribute heating or cooling. In addition, other benefits include quiet operation, low energy consumption and the capability of design integration with an independent ventilation system.


Radiant systems are easily adaptable and can be scaled to the exact area that needs to be covered, ensuring proper heating and cooling capacity. The mean radiant temperature in a space can be kept lower when compared to convective heating – this provides the benefit of a higher relative humidity in winter time. Finally, the provisions of a radiant system, coupled with a dedicated air system, makes it possible to separate the two-fold role of the mechanical systems in controlling both heating/cooling and ventilation, which results in better control of the overall thermal environment.


For all spaces except Commercial Kitchen Spaces:

At least 50% of the project floor area is serviced by one of the following:

a) Hydronic radiant heating and/or cooling systems.

b) Electric radiant systems.

Are you working on a current project that might benefit from a radiant healing/cooling system?