Wellness at Lionakis, a health and fitness initiative, was recently launched across the firm. The program consisted of eight weeks of different health and fitness challenges. The purpose was for participants to learn different ways that one can achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle by learning about and then practicing different aspects of health and wellness, one small step at a time.

Each of the eight weeks consisted of a new challenge and we started with a focus on hydration, moved on to clean eating, then, a focus on exercise and stretching. Next, we focused on meditation, getting enough sleep, upping cardiovascular conditioning and for the final week, each participant chose a lifestyle change that was important to them. Participants worked on recording their goals and results on a shared spreadsheet which was also a source of daily check-in and inspiration for the 60+ people across the firm who signed up. It was awesome to see a range of goals and sometimes, humorous responses to days that included succumbing to a free pizza lunch served during clean eating week!

Further incentive and motivation included trying to reach your goal for at least four out of seven days. Besides bragging rights, these go-getters were then entered into a raffle drawing each week for prizes that related to the week they successfully completed, such as yoga mats, water bottles, gift certificates and free fitness classes. Three participants successfully completed at least four days or more of each of the challenge weeks, Caroline Tran and Claire Seger in our Education Studio and Bianca Dyke in our Interiors Studio. See their interview, just below the photo gallery! Because these three did such an incredible job keeping up with the program, Lionakis is further acknowledging their achievements by donating $50 each, towards a charitable organization of their choice.

Finally, we just received word that our Graphics Team was awarded an American In-House Design Award for their work on the design of the Lionakis Wellness Campaign! Take a look at some of the custom graphics in our photo gallery that were specifically created for this Wellness Series that have now been recognized as a winner by GDUSA.

Q & A with our Wellness Challenge Winners

Claire Seger, Architect I, Sacramento Education Studio

How did the Wellness Program impact you?

It reminded me that setting tangible goals is a good way to motivate me and change bad habits. Since the program ended, I’ve been working on setting some personal finance goals and just hope I’ll stay as motivated with that as I did with the Wellness Challenge!

What did you like best about it? How did it challenge you?

I liked that we were able to set our own goals and it was very open-ended. I think the most challenging part was just remembering to log our progress. That, and the clean eating week!

What inspired you to commit to the Wellness Program?

I was originally inspired to sign up for it just because everyone in the office was talking about it, but while doing it, I was more inspired to continue just to see if I could meet my own goals. Also, I think the idea of getting money donated to the charity of my choice made me feel like I was letting others down if I didn’t meet my goals.


Bianca Dyke, Interior Designer II, Sacramento Interiors Studio

How did the Wellness Program impact you?

After committing to the Wellness Program, I truly had to take a second look at how I live my daily life.  I found that in many aspects of my life, I was falling short on taking care of myself.  The program encouraged me to pay more attention to my habits, and helped improve and create new, healthy habits.

What did you like best about it? How did it challenge you?

I liked that the program was segmented into a different focus each week.  Rather than working on everything at once, I was able to pace myself, and give each week fair attention.  It was challenging to meet the goal of each week – I can see how my busy schedule cuts into my own health and well being.  It showed me that by cutting back on some of my other activities, I could give my own personal health the attention it deserves.

What inspired you to commit to Wellness Program?

I often find myself feeling overwhelmed throughout the week between my work duties, extracurricular activities, and responsibilities at home.  I knew it was time to shift my focus to better my own personal well being, and the accountability by a group program was exactly what I needed.


Caroline Tran, Designer II, Newport Beach Education Studio

What inspired you to commit to Wellness Program?

I’m training for my next belt rank in martial arts, and many of the goals set forth in the Wellness Program applied well to my training. Participating in the program helped me ramp it up. I’m almost ready to test for my next rank!

Amazing job done by all participants during this challenge for their dedication and focus during the past eight weeks in this firm-wide initiative to achieve and maintain a happier and healthier lifestyle! Special thanks to Betty Zhou, who helped initiate and organize this program for the entire Wellness Team and the Lionakis Family!