Since the pandemic began in March, all pet owners can attest to the fact that being home for longer periods of time has made pets truly happy to have more quality time with their humans! Lionakis’ furry family members have all become our newest coworkers, sitting alongside us to attend our virtual meetings, helping with the quality control process, or even assisting on project proposals! Meet the cutest pets of our Lionakis family below:

Principal Brian Bell’s Cockapoo, Abby helping with the Quality Assurance/Quality Control Process.

Marketing & Communication Coordinator, Megan Morgan’s newest family member Freddi and Jack Russell Terrier, Frida, are always sitting alongside her as she works and keeping her company.

Architect Kevin Hall and Marketing Coordinator, Taylor Hall’s new family member is Hallie the Labradoodle, she assists with proposals and is the best new work from home companion.

Senior Medical Planner Bill Pickford’s rescued dog, Luna, enjoys sitting next to his work from home desk.

Marketing Assistant Tatrion Shafer’s dog Markie enjoys cuddling up next to Tatrion’s work area while her cats Ollie and Smokey also enjoy helping with proposals.

Associate Principal Mary Morris’ neighbor’s dog, who has made her days at home brighter by being the mail carrier alert system.

Structural Engineer, James Langlier’s dog, Bailey is also a rescue and loves lounging on the couch while he works.

Principal, Nick Docous’ pup Shasta is a big couch cuddler.

Marketing Manager, Carole Wenell’s Goldendoodle Penny is the best office assistant, always hiding under her desk.

Principal Matt Melcher’s pets have a great set up looking out the window now that he is home full time.

Structural Engineer Danielle Smith’s two beagle coworkers fight over the “cubicle” closest to her.

Principal Steve Kendrick’s cat Andy is sure getting used to the work from home arrangements, and the great view!

Interior Designer I, Patrick Sasan’s dog enjoys sitting on his lap to perform red lines.

Designer II, Caroline Tran’s Pomsky, Hazey has been quite talkative while she has been working at home, making the office chat interesting!

Healthcare Senior Associate, Keith Demaray’s dog is a trusty Revit Assistant.

Senior Project Coordinator, Carol Yang’s bunny, Brownie, has been a great assistant too!

Structural Designer, Lilliann Lai (who just returned to Lionakis full-time after interning with us last summer) has been keeping great company with her Pitbull-Malinois named Jaycee, who is also a rescue pup and she says she acts more like a cat than a dog by rubbing up against your legs, much like cats do.


These friends and family members provide us with such joy and companionship, especially in these uncertain times, and we sure appreciate them more than ever.