In their spare time away from working on project pursuits, the marketing team has been staying busy with renovations and project creations to enhance their #livingwellathome experience. From transforming rooms with a new paint color or abstract wall creations, to doing full-on home renovations with the involvement of interior designers and general contractors, to creating new wood working designs…a LOT of creativity has taken place since the beginning of 2021!

Check out the before and after transformations, and other creations below, and share with us what you have been working on to transform your spaces at home.


Tatrion’s roommates’ recent move brought the opportunity for an extra room to spread out and finally make an office space and a long dreamed about dedicated Craft Room! The newly transformed Craft Room now has a new coat of paint as well as a fun accent wall. Thank you, Instagram, for the idea! Now, Tatrion has a newly enhanced space to make birthday cards for the Business Development Department, build miniature models and paint!

Another transformative space which was originally her childhood bedroom, has now become her new office/game room which provided a chance to consolidate her computers, game systems, board games and collectibles into one location. Game night anyone?


Since working at home has become long-term, the need for a more permanent desk other than the dining room table was much needed. The guest room was recently transformed into a new office and home gym. Inspired by Pinterest, Taylor’s crafty woodworking husband Kevin designed, built and hand-painted the desk of her dreams, creating the ultimate working space to tackle proposals! Additionally, a dream of completing a few woodworking projects that were on the bucket list, recently came to life to enhance their home, including a customized dog bowl for their puppy, Hallie, and a handmade mountain art piece to liven up the dining room area.


When Megan and her family moved into their house about five years ago, their living room area was freshly painted. After lots of family living + two dogs – it was time for a new look and feel. It’s not quite done yet, since next on the list is to reupholster the chairs and make some other changes, but for now, they are enjoying the nice deep green hue called Royal Orchard. The accent color is called Eucalyptus Wreath and it is a slightly lighter green. They had some paint leftover, so they decided to paint one wall of Megan’s work-from-home office as a feature wall! Her dog Freddi likes to be snuggled up next to it on the daybed while she works.


Carole and her husband embarked upon Phase 2 of their home renovation and let’s just say that there were definitely no dull moments while working from home during construction and living exclusively in their dining room, kitchen and office for three weeks. They had all the original hardwood floors refinished, replaced the entry way tile and updated the baseboards, doors and paint. The original 1960s fireplace was also transformed (Carole’s favorite part!). Up next: gutting the kitchen, taking out a wall and remodeling the dining room!


Alexis and her family opened the walls into the kitchen after they moved in because it was completely closed off. After a few years, it was determined that the remaining post in the kitchen had no purpose except to hold up the ceiling. The ceiling was only dropped to house can lights. They then took it all down and vaulted the ceiling. The can lights now fit into the vaulted ceiling with no problem, and it looks awesome!