The creativity workshop which was recently held in the Civic Studio to create Post-Digital Renderings returned by popular demand! The Lionakis Business Services Studio held their own creative workshop after being inspired by what they saw. Post-Digital Rendering style allows for different interpretations and is more focused on the human experience. In architecture, this style allows architects to help guide client understanding of a project, by omitting certain elements and emphasizing others.

For this activity, each member of the Business Services studio was asked to create a personal avatar using whatever post-digital medium they felt the most comfortable with. Check out all the fun and creative art here:

Kim Jones, Business Development Representative (Adobe Photoshop and Cartoon Photo App)

Alexis Julien, Business Development Assistant (Bitmoji App and Cookie Marker)

Carole Wenell, Marketing Manager (Adobe Photoshop Camera App)

Chuck Hack, Business Development Principal (An Artist Acquaintance and a Photo Editing App)

Dana Willougby, Contracts Administrator (Emoji Me App)

Matt Maloney, Senior Graphic Designer (His Lunch Before & After)

Andy Deeble, Chief Financial Officer (PicsArt App)

Janelle Winslow, Facilities Manager (Facebook Emoji & PhotoLab App)

Jennifer Zoller, Graphic Designer (Adobe Illustrator)

Kellie Schneider, Associate Principal, Human Resources (iPhone Photo Editor)

Lyndsey Reed, Senior Human Resources Generalist (Snapchat App)

Quinn Tannehill, Office/Facilities Assistant (Microsoft Paint)

Taylor Hall, Marketing Coordinator (Bitmoji App)

Michele Bourland, Accounting Specialist (Photo Lab App)

Megan Morgan, Marketing and Communications Coordinator (Adobe Photoshop)

Kelsey Tannehill, Billing Coordinator (Bitmoji App)

Tatrion Shafer, Marketing Assistant (Drawing with Water Color Pens and Embroidery Elements)