It Really Can be Easy to Live and Work Green!

Being environmentally conscious is more important than ever and there are many opportunities to reduce your environmental impact personally, and at the office. Are you working for an employer that is paying attention to this too? At Lionakis, Sustainability is one of our core values and we are proud to be living and working “green” in a variety of ways:


LEED Projects

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and it is the most widely used green rating system in the world. According to the United States Green Building Council, (USGBC) LEED provides the framework to create healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving green buildings. Lionakis designs energy-efficient buildings, including LEED certified buildings and LEED “equivalent” buildings for those clients who want high sustainability, but not necessarily certification. Not sure what all this means and want to learn more? Here are some of our LEED certified projects. 

Giving Back by Going Green

The Lionakis Foundation gives funds and volunteer hours to non-profit organizations in our communities. The recipients are decided upon by votes from our employees. Past recipients have included  Beach Clean-Up organizations in Hawaii, to local Food Banks in California which are providing access to locally sourced, healthy produce for those in need. An internal company Wellness Program provides access to nutritional, exercise and general health information to our staff as well as discounted fitness memberships!

Alternative Transportation

We provide sweet incentives to our staff to get to work in ways other than a car. Public transportation is re-imbursable or if multiple people carpool, they can earn a dedicated, reserved monthly parking spot! Our convenient office locations also make it easy to ride a bike and lock it up safely on-site at work. All of these initiatives reduce our individual and collective environmental impact.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Compost Bins, Good On One Side (GOOS) Paper Reuse, Recycling –  you name it, we’re doing our part. In addition, our design team works on green design Initiatives like Parking Day to show our communities that we can live and work in ways that are still beautiful, while being sustainable. We have mugs, glasses, dishes and cutlery in our sustainably designed offices and staff rooms, and also make available both hot and cold filtered water refill stations, so you can cut back on single use plastics and to-go cups in more ways than one.

Friday Funday

Every other Friday off? Yes, you can have that at Lionakis. Alternative work schedule flexibility means that you can have a long weekend every other week.  Believe it or not, even just that one less day of commute time reduces pollution and carbon footprint (and is a great way to have an extra day in the week to catch up with friends, fitness and family!)

Design From the Inside-Out

When you join our team you’re also making a commitment towards participating in green design. Our Sacramento and Newport Beach offices are LEED certified facilities with plenty of daylight and sustainable practices in place. So whether it’s through recycling and conservation efforts in the office, or implementing award winning green design solutions on our projects, every effort counts! If you find yourself exploring potential employers and know that environmental impact is important to you, you may want to consider what other companies are doing to limit their footprint and how that impacts you and your work environment. Got green ideas? We want to hear from you! Have a look at our open positions and see if you can find the perfect “green” solution for your next career move.